Dr. Christopher Hansebout

Screenshot-2023-07-24-at-7.53.35-AM.pngAssistant Professor


Dr. Hansebout was born in Hamilton, Ontario. He undertook undergraduate medical education in Brisbane, Australia, at the University of Queensland and travelled from there to the United States for postgraduate medical education. He completed Anesthesiology residency at the State University of New York Downstate Health Sciences University, being Chief Resident in his final year. He then completed fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Returning to Southwestern Ontario, he completed fellowships in Regional Anesthesiology and Perioperative Echocardiography and Ultrasonography and Western University, where he eventually joined faculty.

Dr. Hansebout actively participates in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. He has particular interest in regional anesthesiology and point-of-care ultrasonography. He has delivered multiple invited lectures and leads conference workshops on these subjects.


Hansebout RR and Hansebout CR. 2014. Local cooling for traumatic spinal cord injury: outcomes in 20 patients and review of the literature. J Neurosurg Spine May; 20(5):550-61.

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Regional anesthesiology, point of care ultrasonography, perioperative echocardiography

Current Research

Fascial plane blocks for postoperative analgesia following breast surgery; anatomical basis of thoracic plane blocks; regional blocks for postoperative analgesia following knee surgery, perioperative echocardiography in liver transplantation