Dr. Javier Cubillos

cubillos-jAssistant Professor


Dr. Javier Cubillos received his MD degree in Colombia from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,where he also completed his Anesthesiology residency. He also completed a Magister Degree Equivalent in Health Care Services Management and Marketing at the Universidad de los Andes School of Business Administration in Bogota, Colombia. In Canada he complemented his training, first with a Regional Anesthesia and then an Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowships at the University of Toronto, followed by an Advanced Clinical Practice fellowship at Western University.

Since the beginning of his professional life, Dr. Cubillos has been deeply involved in the academic
practice becoming an assistant professor in two different university hospitals in Colombia, the
Hospital Universitario San Ignacio and the Hospital Universitario Fundación Santafe de Bogota.
Dr. Cubillos has been a speaker and workshop instructor in several Regional anesthesia, Obstetric
anesthesia and Point-of-Care Ultrasound meetings around the world. His interests have been focused
in leading a formal education process for the training in ultrasound applications to complement
anesthesia practice. With this objective in mind, he has become a driver and facilitator for world
renowned academic organizations like ISURA, SOAP and NYSORA, while sharing a strong
commitment with high impact academic meetings in Latin America and long term educational

Dr. Cubillos’ interest as a clinical teacher at Western University is to become part of a team that will
lead the endeavor of effectively spreading the use of Point-of-care Ultrasound across Canada. His
objective is to contribute to bringing forth this educational process in a well organized, coherent and
timely manner to overcome the challenge of delivering responsible education as fast as ultrasound
technology is evolving and reaching the hands of anesthesiologists.


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