Updates in Version 5.8 of STAR, and CME accredited course for faculty

Monday, September 9, 2013

Version 5.8 of STAR: enhancements and update

What's new in 5.8?  Released on September 12, 2013, Version 5.8 of the Acuity STAR application brings several enhancements that are worth discussing.

1. We are excited to release version 5.8 of STAR!  New features include a PubMed button in publications that will retrieve the relevant PubMed data given a PubMed ID.


2. I use CCV checkbox on the address screen.  This is being added so we can build up a list of Faculty that actively use CCV.


3. Enhancements to the Common CV interface.  This will help save immense amount of work for Faculty as they apply for funding.

4. Across STAR, when there is a Start Date / End Date combination on the screen, a new button is present, called, 'Copy Start Date'. This will allow you to quickly populate the end date, saving a lot of data entry time. This important feature allows complete dates to be captured in STAR, allowing the sorting and grouping of CV elements to be 'that much more' accurate.


5. We have corrected the 'missing dates' on presentations. 


One thing you might need to do is add new columns to your data grid view.  This is especially important for the Publications screen as there are a few new fields.


Click here to login to STAR and manage your CV. Contact Brie McConnell for assistance. 

Acuity STAR Workshops

How do I update my STAR CV? Introduction to STAR for Clinical Faculty Members

This one-hour instructor-led course will provide clinical faculty members with an introduction to the Acuity STAR interface, data input form, sorting/searching and report generation. This course assumes a fundamental understanding of the clinical and administrative duties regularly performed by Schulich Medicine & Dentistry clinical academic faculty.

An online training calendar for STAR Training can be found here

To register, please send an email indicating the date and course name to STAR.OnlineCalendar@schulich.uwo.ca. Should you have any questions please contact Paul Malcomson.

Training sessions can also be arranged for those in Windsor by contacting Paul Malcomson.