Current Advances in the Use of Therapeutic Hypothermia

Moderator: Kees Polderman, Participants: Ahmed Hegazy, Justin Lundbye, and Noel Watson

Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management

Vol. 9, No. 1 Expert Panel Discussions 

During the 2018 Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management Symposium in Miami, state-of-the-art lectures on current advances in the use of therapeutic hypothermia were discussed. In one panel, Dr. Ahmed Hegazy from the University of Western Ontario discussed the use of an esophageal temperature device to induce therapeutic hypothermia for traumatic brain injury and other indications. Dr. Justin Lundbye from The Greater Waterbury Health Network spoke on the topic of time to cool and how this important factor influences outcomes. Finally, Mr. Noel Watson from Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital spoke about the therapeutic hypothermia and early waking trial that investigated the feasibility and safety of assessing unconscious cardiac arrest patients during hypothermic treatment. Dr. Kees Polderman from Essex Cardiothoracic Centre in the United Kingdom moderated this informative expert panel that led to significant discussions among the attendees of the conference.

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