Dr. Shalini Dhir - CAS Chronic Pain Award

Congratulations on receiving the 2018 Best Paper Award in Chronic Pain!

Dr. Shalini Dhir won the Award for Best Paper in Chronic Pain. The Chronic Pain Section of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society offers a prize of $500 for this Award. Dr. Dhir collaborated with Yves Bureau, Janice Yu, and Achal Dhir on the paper “Ketamine, lidocaine and combination for postoperative analgesia in major liver resection: A prospective, randomized, four-arm, triple blind, placebo controlled trial.” Learn more from the abstract's conclusion below.


Conclusions: In this triple blind, parallel group four-arm placebo controlled randomized controlled trial, lidocaine and its combination with ketamine did not add any benefit over single dose intrathecal morphine with patient controlled hydromorphone analgesia. There was a trend towards better analgesia at 48 hrs with ketamine alone but reduction in opioid use was not significant.