We still lack an effective method to identify the best supraglottic airway device

Kriege M, Piepho T, Noppens RR.
Minerva Anesthesiol. 2018 Mar;84(3):413-414.


In a recent editorial, Dr. Ruediger Noppens and colleagues address the difficulties of identifying superior supraglottic airways (SGA) devices. Despite multiple previous trials, availability of valid data comparing the effectiveness of SGA models is still limited. For an anesthesiologist, it has become nearly impossible to fully appreciate the different builds, features, and materials used for different types of SGAs. A published analysis of a product by one manufacturer under certain conditions cannot be directly translated to the product analysis of another manufacturer. It is not easy to guarantee transferability of studies in the field of airway management since there are so many factors that could influence the performance of a specific device. Extensive, randomized, controlled multicenter studies are needed to characterize specific SGAs and to identify potential advantages, limitations, and disadvantages. Study results from clinical trials can be extremely helpful to design these much-needed large-scale trials.


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