Surgical treatment of carcinoid syndrome metastatic disease: Partial hepatectomy with veno-venous bypass and subsequent tricuspid valve replacement. Case report

Giraldo M, Harle C, Lopera-Velasquez LM, Dobkowski W. Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology. 2017 Oct-Dec; 45(4):344-48.



Carcinoid syndrome is a relatively rare condition that may affect the liver and the right heart. Some of these cases may require surgical treatment with a multidisciplinary approach.

Case report

We report the case of a patient with progressive dyspnoea, arterial hypotension and facial flushing, diagnosed with liver and cardiac involvement from carcinoid syndrome. The patient was taken to surgery in two different occasions, first for metastatic liver resection, and then to subsequent cardiac surgery for tricuspid valve replacement.


We report here a case review, including the clinical course, the intra-operative management, and the information available in the literature regarding which procedure to perform initially in these types of cases which are not very common in clinical practice.

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