Basic Transesophageal and Critical Care Ultrasound

Basic_Trans.jpgDenault A, Vegas A, Lamarche Y, Tardif J, Couture P, editors. Basic Transesophageal and Critical Care Ultrasound. USA: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group Ltd; 2018.

This fully-illustrated and comprehensive medical textbook provides an overview of transesophageal ultrasound of the heart, lung, and upper abdomen as well as basic ultrasound of the brain, lung, heart, abdomen, and vascular system. Ultrasound-guided procedures commonly used in critically ill patients are also covered. Written and edited by clinical experts in ultrasound and critical care, including faculty members Dr. Wilfredo Puentes and Dr. Catalina Casas Lopez, Basic Transesophageal and Critical Care Ultrasound serves as the ideal resource for those preparing for the National Board of Echocardiography PTEeXAM, or equivalent outside of the USA and Canada (e.g. EAE/EACTA TEE or the British Society of Echocardiography). 

The textbook is available in mutiple formats, including e-book versions with full access to instructional videos and supplementary materials. Visit CRC Press to learn more.