Faculty converge on downtown Toronto for the 62nd Annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) held their 62nd Annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting this year in downtown Toronto, from September 14-17. The OMA’s annual anesthesia meeting is always well attended by Western University faculty and anesthesiologists, and this year was no exception. In addition to the many faculty who attended the seminars and lectures, faculty members Dr. Ramiro Arellano, Dr. Shalini Dhir,  Dr. Rudy Noppens, Dr. Wilfredo Puentes, and Dr. Ilana Sebbag were on hand to deliver lectures, workshops and pro-con debate.

Pro Con Debate

Current ACLS Certification in essential for anesthesia competency

Pro: Dr. Ramiro Arellano

Con: Dr. Dale Egan


Pediatrics Obstetrics Plenary Session

The patient with chronic pain in labour [lecture], Dr. Shalini Dhir.


What’s new is resuscitation? Airway ultrasound, IO access and heart ultrasound during CPR.

Dockside 3 workshop, sessions 1 and 2, instructors: Dr. Rudy Noppens, Dr. Pablo Perez, Dr. Wilfredo Puentes, and Dr. Marco Silva.

Problem-based Learning Discussion (PBLD)

Anesthesia for the epiduralized patient for c-section, Dr. Ilana Sebbag

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Thank you to all the faculty who taught at workshops, delivered lectures, led discussions and attended the conference to make this year’s Ontario Anesthesia Meeting an excellent opportunity for learning and collaboration.