Dr. Ian Herrick's editorial on physician assisted death featured in Canadian Journal of Anesthesia

Can J Anesth. 2016 Jan. 63:241-245. 

Physician-assisted death in Canada: an imminent reality

Herrick A.I.


"...This month in the Journal, Mottiar et al. explore the implications of legalizing [physician-assisted death] in Canada and focus on issues particularly relevant to anesthesiologists. The discussion is both relevant and timely as the issue is emotionally charged, contentious, and intensely personal, with physicians – and the public at large – deeply divided on the issue...

The CAS Ethics Committee is currently organizing an ethics symposium for the 2016 annual meeting in Vancouver on the topic of physician-assisted death. Discussion will potentially include newly established national and/or provincial legislative responses to the Supreme Court decision legalizing PAD and may be informed by experience in Quebec as the first jurisdiction in Canada to provide medical aid in dying. The journey will be challenging and answers for many questions, at least in the Canadian context, remain unclear." (Herrick 2016, 241-3)

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