Obstetrical Fellows to present research at the 47th SOAP Annual Meeting

The SOAP meeting is an internationally recognized meeting for obstetric anesthesia research. In the upcoming 47th Society of Obstetric Anesthesia & Perinatology (SOAP) Annual Meeting, Dr. Fatemah Qasem and Dr. Ilana Sebbag, both Obsetric Anesthesia Fellows in the Department, will be presenting their research, above many others, as high-level presentations for formal discussion during the oral/poster presentation session. In addition, we are thrilled to announce that a case report by Dr. Shalini Dhir and Anesthesia Residency Program Graduate, Dr. Jennifer Racine, has been chosen to be "Best Case Report Session" for this year's meeting!

Congratulations to OB Fellows, Dr. Fatemah Qasem and Dr. Ilana Sebbag, and to Dr. Shalini Dhir and Anesthesia Residency Graduate, Dr. Jennifer Racine!

Dr. Qasem's oral presentation is titled "Onset of labor epidural analgesia using different concentrations of fentanyl: A randomized double-blinded clinical trial". 

Supervisors: Dr. Indu SinghDr. Kristine MarmaiDr. Shalini Dhir, and Dr. Philip Jones
Co-authors: Dr. Indu Singh, Dr. Don Nguyen, Dr. Ramesh Sai, Dr. Kristine Marmai, Dr. Ramina Adam, Dr. Shalini Dhir, and Dr. Philip Jones

Dr. Sebbag's poster is titled "Epidural pressure waveform to confirm correct positioning of the epidural needle in laboring pregnant patients". 

Supervisors: Dr. Indu Singh and Dr. Kevin Armstrong
Co-authors: Dr. Indu Singh, Dr. Fatemah Qasem, Dr. Kevin Armstrong

Dr. Shalini Dhir's case report session is titled, "Management of labour and delivery in congenitally corrected transposition of great arteries". 

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