Acute Pain Fellow, Dr. Maria Lopera Velasquez presented at ASRA's14th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting

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Congratulations to Acute Pain fellow, Dr. Maria Lopera Velasquez, for presenting at this year's Annual Pain Medicine Meeting! Dr. Lopera presented the sytemtatic review that she coathored with Dr. Qutaiba Tawfic"Interventions to reduce chronic post-surgical pain after mastectomy: a systematic review".


Chronic Post-surgical pain (CPSP) is considered one of the inevitable surgical complications despite all the advances in surgical techniques and the development of new modalities of pain management. CPSP can be defined as a persistent pain for a minimum of two months after a surgical procedure. The reported prevalence of CPSP after mastectomy ranges from 20% to 56%.  Neuropathic pain has a crucial role in the CPSP associated with mastectomy. This systemic review focuses on the evidence for perioperative interventions to reduce the incidence of this problem.

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