Home Monitoring in Health Care Conference

Home Monitoring in Health Care Conference

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Home monitoring speakers

Dr. Homer Yang, Chair/Chief of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine, brought together local innovators to learn more about their current projects and help collaborate on future goals, at the Home Monitoring in Health Care Conference. Inspired by Dr. Yang’s research in post-operative home monitoring, the conference had the goal of learning about projects being done here in London. These projects focus on monitoring patients using new technologies, throughout their healthcare journey.

“In London, there are many excellent initiatives on remote patient care and monitoring, ranging from mobile apps on smartphones to wearables to multicomponent interventions. As typical of busy clinicians and researchers, these pockets of excellence have been developing in isolation. This conference is an attempt to bring together all the pioneers and to exchange ideas,” said Dr. Yang.

Featured speakers at the conference included:

Dr. Nassar Khalil
Connecting Care to Home
Dr. James Lewis
Connecting Care to Home
Dr. Julieann Vankoughnett
Surgery, LHSC
Dr. Anthony Tang
Cardiology, LHSC
Dr. Tim Doherty
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, LHSC
Dr. Mandar Jog
Neurologist, LHSC
Dr. John Fuller
Perioperative Care, LHSC
Dr. Arsh Jain
Renal Services, LHSC
Danish Mahmood
15-year-old youth innovator, speaker, and high school student