StarCV v5.30 Released to Production

Presentations Order Improvement now Printing on all Reports

Professional CV, Promotion CV, Teaching Dossier
Why? To give users greater control over where and how their Presentations print.
What?  The change is summarized below.

When printing presentations on the Professional CV, we now only group presentations by their type, without regard to the specific role.
Presentations will still print in the same place in the reports as the previous version, and geographic grouping rules and sorting selection rules still apply.

The fields that print also remain unchanged from the previous version.

On the Professional CV

Presentation types print on the Professional CV In this order, regardless of the status of the Education Checkbox.
                       Visiting Professorships
                       Invited Lectures
                       Plenary Presentations
                       Conference Presentation
             Media Appearances
                       Other Pick List Options (if configured)
                       Student Presentations
                       Other Specify Values

On the Promotion CV

Presentation types print on the Promotion CV In this order, ONLY IF the Education Checkbox is NOT checked.

                       Visiting Professorship (ONLY If NOT checked)

                       Invited Lectures (If NOT checked)

                       Plenary Presentation (If NOT checked)

                       Conference Presentation (If NOT checked)

                       Media Appearance (If NOT checked)

                       Symposia (If NOT checked)

                       Workshop (If NOT checked)

                       Other Picklist Options (if configured and NOT checked)

                       Student Presentation  (ONLY if NOT checked)

                       Other Specify (If NOT checked)

On the Teaching Dossier

Presentation types print on the Promotion CV In this order, ONLY IF the Education Checkbox is checked.

                       Visiting Professorship (Checked by Default)

                       Invited Lectures (If checked)

                       Plenary Presentation (If checked)

                       Conference Presentation (If checked)

                       Media Appearance (If checked)

                       Symposia (If checked)

                       Workshop (If checked)

                       Other Picklist Options (if configured and checked)

                       Student Presentation  (Checked by Default)

                       Other Specify (If checked)

If you have any questions, please contact your StarCV Coordinator.