Research Overview

Research and knowledge-creation have been a hallmark of the Department of Surgery since its inception, as the relationship between innovation and improving patient care has been an enduring trademark.  The Department of Surgery Research Committee helps foster this environment by implementing new initiatives that promote and support current and future research endeavours.

The Department of Surgery Research Committee, chaired by Dr. Alp Sener, encourages new faculty to do research and provides them with information and support to apply for outside funding.  They also provide grants for financial support for faculty who want to dedicate more time to research and cut back on other activities.

The Research Committee, which is comprised of members of each surgical division is responsible for the peer review of internal research grants which are available for new faculty. They also adjudicate clinical scientist and institute scientist research awards; and coordinate the annual Robert Zhong Department of Surgery Research Day, named in honour of Dr. Robert Zhong, a brilliant scientist and colleague who passed away in 2006.

Research Day showcases departmental research to residents, medical students, and others, and allows other faculty to find out what others are doing to foster collaborations with colleagues from across the city.  This year, the Robert Zhong Department of Surgery Research Day was held on Friday, June 22nd at St. Joseph's Health Care, London.