Research Committee

k.vogt.jpg Chair of Research Committee:
 Dr. Kelly Vogt




Committee Members: 

e.schemitsch.jpg Dr. Emil Schemitsch
 Chair/Chief, Department of Surgery




Peter Wang Dr. Peter Wang
 Division of Urology




r.malthaner.jpg Dr. Richard Malthaner
 Division of Thoracic Surgery




j.burton.jpg Dr. Jeremy Burton
 Scientist, Division of Urology




Schlachta_C.jpg Dr. Chris Schlachta
 Division of General Surgery




ar.lawendy.jpg Dr. Abdel-Rahman Lawendy
 Division of Orthopaedic Surgery




b.welk.jpgDr. Blayne Welk
Division of Urology, & ICES Surgery Representative

j.sutherland.jpg Research & Graduate Program

 Ms. Janice Sutherland




c.bailey.jpg Dr. Chris Bailey
 Division of Orthopaedic Surgery




s.jones.jpg Dr. Sarah Jones
 Dvision of Paediatric Surgery




l.dubois.jpg Dr. Luc Dubois
 Division of Vascular Surgery




d.nagpal.jpg Dr. Dave Nagpal
 Division of Cardiac Surgery




D.RossDr. Doug Ross
Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery



S.CristanchoDr. Sayra Cristancho
Scientist, Centre for Education Research & Innovation (CERI)