Below is a list of awards sourced from the University's Office of the President page, the Teaching Support Centre, Research Western, and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. For further details about each award, please follow the links.

Information regarding the Department of Surgery Internal Research Grant Competitions, is available on the Internal Research Grants page.

Distinguished University Professor Award

Established in 2005, The Distinguished University Professor Award recognizes sustained excellence in scholarship over a substantial career at Western. Scholarship is broadly defined to include research, teaching and service to the community. Thus, this award is not a recognition solely of research excellence, which is the purpose of the Hellmuth Prize, nor is it a recognition solely of teaching excellence, which is the purpose of the Pleva Award. The Distinguished University Professorship will recognize sustained excellence as a complete scholar. (See More)

Teaching Awards

  • Teaching Excellence Awards
    Western University's Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is co-presented by The University Students' Council, The Bank of Nova Scotia and UWO Alumni Association, to recognize, celebrate and award excellence in undergraduate teaching. Each year four award recipients are selected by the USC Teaching Excellence Awards Committee comprised of the USC VP Education, USC Teaching Awards Commissioner, USC Council members, student-at-large members, and Alumni members.

  • The Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching
    The Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching was established to recognize continuing members of full-time faculty (appointed either as Limited Term or Tenured) at Western and at its Affiliated University Colleges. Clinical Academics appointed under Conditions of Appointment: Physicians Appointed in Clinical Departments and Clinical Divisions of Basic Science Departments are also eligible for nomination.

  • The Angela Armitt Award for Excellence in Teaching by Part-Time Faculty
    The Angela Armitt Award for Excellence in Teaching by Part-Time Faculty was established to recognize Part-Time members of faculty. To be eligible, the nominee must have held an academic appointment to teach at least one full degree-credit course (or equivalent) offered by Western or by an Affiliated University College during the fiscal year preceding nomination.

  • The Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching
    The Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching was established to recognize a continuing member of full-time faculty who is appointed either as Limited Term or Probationary at Western or at an Affiliated University College, and who usually has seven years or less of full-time university teaching experience at the time of his or her nomination.

  • University Students' Council Teaching Awards
    There are two seperate teaching awards presented annually by Western's University Students' Council (USC).  The USC President’s Medal for Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching (PMI) and the Western University's Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

  • Western Award for Innovations in Technology-Enhanced Teaching
    **NEW** This award is meant to recognize and reward the contributions of faculty members at Western University and its Affiliated University Colleges who have significantly improved the experience and outcomes of their students through the intentional incorporation of technology into their teaching practice.

  • Dean’s Award of Excellence, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
    These awards are an important way to honour the faculty at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

Research Awards

  • Hellmuth Prizes for Achievement in Research
    The Hellmuth Prizes for Achievement in Research are named in honour of Bishop Isaac Hellmuth, who founded The University of Western Ontario in 1878. There are two such prizes offered annually, one in the area broadly defined as the natural sciences and engineering (research that would be supported by NSERC or MRC) and one in the social sciences and humanities. 

  • John Charles Polanyi Prizes
    In honour of the achievement of John Charles Polanyi, recipient of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the Government of Ontario has established a fund to provide annually up to five prizes to outstanding researchers in the early stages of their career who are continuing to post-doctoral studies at an Ontario university.  The prizes have a value of $15,000 each and are available in the areas broadly defined as Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Economic Science. Western faculty members have won half of all Polanyi Prizes in Literature since 1987. 

  • Early Researcher Award (PREA)
    The Premier's Research Excellence Awards were created in 1998 to help Ontario's world-class researchers attract talented people to their research teams and to encourage innovation among the province's brightest young researchers at universities, colleges, hospitals and research institutes. 

  • Royal Society of Canada
    The Royal Society of CanadaThe Canadian Academy of the Sciences and Humanities, is the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scientists and scholars. Its primary objective is to promote learning and research in the arts and sciences. The Society consists of approximately 1,700 Fellows: men and women from across the country who are selected by their peers for outstanding contributions to the natural and social sciences and in the humanities. Currently, Western has had a total of 40 faculty members appointed to the Society. 

  • Canada Research Chairs
    The Canada Research Chairs Program was established by the federal government in 2000 to promote excellence and innovation in research by rewarding the country's leading academics and attracting the best research minds in the world to study at Canadian universities. 

  • Faculty Scholar's Award
    Established in 2005, the Faculty Scholars Award recognizes significant recent scholarly achievements in teaching or research. Nominated by faculty deans and selected by the Faculty Selection committee chaired by the Provost, the recipients have an international presence in their discipline and are considered all-round scholars. Winners hold the title “Faculty Scholar” for two years and receive $7,000 each year for scholarly activities, as well as receiving a citation. 

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