Research Nodes

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Node 1: Big Data/ICES - Interim Chair: Dr. Chris Vinden, General Surgery 
ICES is a beacon for population based research going on in Department of Surgery (DOS) and Western. The ICES scholars program and research output has had excellent success but requires new momentum to carry it forward as external funding will soon become a challenge.

Node 2: Surgical Education Research - Interim Node Co-Chairs: Dr. Luc Dubois, Vascular Surgery and Dr. Sayra Cristancho, CERI 
Centre for Education Research & Innovation (CERI) is already an established, but underutilized entity within the DOS. Their group is very successful with a multitude of clinical projects. Our opportunity is to expand upon their established success and bring in other partners to strengthen and broaden the scope of ongoing research projects.

Node 3: Fundamental Sciences and Surgical Innovation - Interim Node Chair: Dr. Jeremy Burton, Urology and Microbiology and Immunology 
This Node will continue to be a flagship for the DOS as most of the successful, externally funded ongoing research projects within our individual Divisions are based upon laboratory/bench research. Creating an environment which brings together basic science laboratories and biotechnology research facilities with clinical innovators will lead to accelerated translation to mainstream clinical and educational practice through close collaboration with the Innovations Fellows program and World Discoveries.

Node 4: Patient Centered Research - Interim Node Co-Chairs: Dr. Chris Bailey, Orthopedic Surgery and Dr. Sarah Jones, Pediatric Surgery 
This area of research which includes quality assurance and patient outcomes is becoming increasingly important with QBP funding models and Ministry of Heath metrics on outcomes from each of our Divisions. This Node becomes increasingly important as research is produced from the other Nodes and eventually leads to the bedside.