Dr. Hassan Razvi, Chair/Chief, Division of Urology

The Division of Urology at Western University is committed first and foremost to the provision of excellence in patient care. As a tertiary referral centre, our clinical catchment area covers all of southwestern Ontario and beyond. As such, a high volume of clinical activity is conducted in various subspecialty areas of urology including andrology/male sexual health, urinary incontinence, oncology and urinary stone disease. Our program is one of the few locations in Canada at the moment with access to the da Vinci Robot surgical platform. We also possess one of only three full-time Shock Wave Lithotripsy units in the province of Ontario. Our division currently comprises ten full-time clinical faculty, each possessing subspecialty academic interests.

As an academic program within the Department of Surgery at Western, we are also devoted to comprehensive surgical education and cutting-edge research in various subspecialty disciplines. Several members of the faculty are internationally renowned for their clinical and research expertise. A wide array of clinical trials is ongoing involving division members. There are also 3 full-time PhDs within the program, who are actively involved in basic science urological research.

Western is well known as an outstanding site for surgical education. A well-developed core surgery curriculum, a surgical skills laboratory and high-volume clinical exposure are just a few of the opportunities afforded our future surgeons. At the moment there are 11 urology residents in-training and 8 fellows in our program. Fellowship opportunities are offered in andrology, transplantation, oncology and minimally-invasive surgery/endourology.

We hope our website will provide you with a glimpse of the people and infrastructure that are the strengths of our division. It is our hope you find the site informative and we welcome any questions or comments.

History of Urology at Western University

The Division of Urology at Western University had its beginning in 1954, when a young Urologist, Dr. Lloyd McAninch was appointed as Chief of the newly created subdivision of General Surgery.  Dr. McAninch trained in General Surgery at Western and Westminster Hospital and in Urology under the pioneer of Urology in Southwestern Ontario, Dr. Eldon Busby.  Dr. McAninch did additional urology in Toronto and as a travelling Fellow, visited many centres in the United States. 

The excitement of renal transplantation came to Western in the late 1960’s and Dr. McAninch became the leader in organizing animal research and the development of a dialysis unit at Victoria Hospital.  In 1966, three human kidney transplants were performed as a team effort involving Urologists, Vascular Surgeons and Nephrologists.

In 1970 to 1972, the face of Urology was greatly altered by the construction of University Hospital on campus joining the medical school which had moved there a few years earlier.  The Urology Division at the University Hospital was, from the outset, constructed as a nephron-urological unit.  Renal transplantation became a major player in the Multi-Organ Transplant Program and was always performed by the Urology staff.

Dr. McAninch retired in 1974 due to ill health.  Dr. McAninch’s first two residents, Dr. Jack Wyatt and Dr. Jack Sales were Chiefs of Urology Services at Victoria Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospitals respectively.  On Dr. McAninch’s retirement, Dr. Wyatt became Professor and Chairman of the Western Division of Urology.  During Dr. Wyatt’s tenure as Program Director, the residency program expanded and training became more formalized. 

Dr. Joseph Chin became Chairman and Program Director in 1990 and oversaw the consolidation of the training program to two sites, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and London Health Sciences Centre – Westminster Campus.  In 1993, Dr. John Denstedt became Program Director and in 1998 the reigns were passed to Dr. Hassan Razvi.  In 2005, Dr. Jonathan Izawa accepted the position of Program Director and in 2009, the directorship went to Dr. Gerald Brock who remains the current Program Director.  Currently, beginning in 2005, Dr. Hassan Razvi is the city-wide Chief/Chair of the Division of Urology. 

At present, the Western Urology Program is five years duration with the first two years devoted to core surgical training and the final three years to clinical Urology.

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