New Functionality Enables Export Common CV into Acuity Star

New in February of 2023, the Acuity Star CV program* is adding a new feature to allow Star CV users who have a Common CV** account to transfer their Star CV data both to and from Common CV.

Historically, Star CV users have been able to export Star CV records into Common CV.  The new functionality launched on February 10th allows Star CV users to export records from Common CV for import into Star CV.

This new bi-directional import functionality will help faculty to more easily keep their CV up to date in both systems, and will streamline CV preparation for promotion, as well as for research funding applications.

The new Common CV import tool is found in the Common CV View in Star CV. We have programmed the import tool to recognize records that have previously been imported from Common CV, to avoid duplication when importing records that may have also been a part of a previous import.

An instructional guide for using the new Common CV import / export functions is attached to this email. Additional help is available from your department Star CV Coordinator. 

Any Star CV user who has questions about this new feature or Star CV is encouraged to contact the Manager of Administration and Finance for their Department, their Star CV coordinator** or Derrick Gould (Schulich Information Services Project Manager).

*Star CV refers to the Acuity Star CV activity tracking and reporting system used primarily by Clinical Academic Physicians at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

**Common CV refers to the CV activity tracking system used and hosted by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) which is used to apply for CIHR research grant funding.

***List of Star CV Coordinators: