Department of Surgery message re: sexual and gender based violence

Dear Department of Surgery Colleagues:

The news of recent sexual and gender-based violence at Western is distressing and abhorrent.  These actions violate our values and laws and will not be tolerated in any measure. 

We want each and every one of you to remember that you have resources available for help.  You are never alone.  Whether you choose to work with a peer, a counsellor, a supervisor, or a health care professional, we urge you to seek out the support you need and to report this criminal activity to the appropriate institution and law enforcement.  We acknowledge the burden and stress that students face in situations of sexual and gender-based violence.  Faculty and staff are here to support you and can assist with accessing University resources if necessary.  If you ever have questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us or any other leader in the Department of Surgery.

We support medical students who wish to participate in the walk-out at noon today.  Faculty, please excuse students from clinical duties at that time.

We stand together: to support each other, to reinforce standards of civility and justice, and to eliminate the scourge of gender and sexual based violence from our community and society.



Emil H. Schemitsch, MD, FRCSC, FCAHS
Richard Ivey Professor & Chair/Chief, Dept of Surgery 

Muriel Brackstone, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Co-Chair, Department of Surgery Gender, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee