Highlights from 2018 Dr. Robert Zhong Research Day

The 2018 Dr. Robert Zhong Department of Surgery Research Day was held on June 15th, 2018. This annual event features platform and poster presentations by residents and postdoctoral fellows.  The 2018 program featured research on aortic surgical repair, negative pressure wound therapy, gender trends, and procedural review. Faculty members gave presentations on the four research nodes noted in the Department’s Strategic Research Plan – Fundamental Sciences & Surgical Innovation, Surgical Education, Patient Centered Research, and ICES/Big Data.

After lunch, Dr. David Urbach provided the keynote address “Missing the Forest for the Trees?  Upstream Thinking in Surgical Quality.” David Urbach is Chief of Surgery and Director of Perioperative Services at Women’s College Hospital, and Professor of Surgery and Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at The University of Toronto. His clinical practice focuses on minimally invasive surgery, particularly gastrointestinal, hernia, adrenal and obesity surgery. His research program focuses on surgery-related health services research, including measurement of the quality and outcomes of surgical care, and methods for the evaluation of surgery and other health technologies.

Dr. Urbach’s presentation was followed by a spirited debate between Dr. Michael Chu and Dr. Patrick Colquhoun on The Merits of Surgeon Specific Outcomes and their Impact on Clinical and Teaching Practices.

Research Day concluded with recognition of the best presentations of the day. The Best Resident Paper was awarded to Kitty Wu for her paper Characterizing breast capsular contracture: a translational study of primary fibroblast behavior. The Best Clinical Poster was awarded to Shane Smith for his work on Impact of Traumatic Upper Extremity Amputation on the Outcome of Injury Caused by the Antipersonnel Improvised Explosive Device. The Best Basic Poster was awarded to Supriya Singh for her work on A Cadaveric, Biomechanical Study Comparing the Subacromial Balloon Spacer to Superior Capsular Reconstruction in the Treatment of Massive, Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their research as well as the faculty members who have provided guidance and encouragement to these up and coming researchers.  

For those who attended Research Day and wish to receive CME Credit, please complete the evaluation form and return to Janice Sutherland.

Pictures from 2018 Robert Zhong Research Day