Elentra Implementation is Live

May 10, 2018 Elentra ME System Implementation Update

This project communication update is provided to the key project stakeholders to keep everyone up todate on the current status of the project. Key milestones are described below, with a briefexplanation of what has been accomplished.

What are the major ELENTRA ME project milestones that have been completed?

Data Sharing Agreement

The Data Sharing Agreement with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada has been signed. Having the agreement with the Royal College allows our implementation team the ability to request data uploads for EPA’s, Key and Enabling Competencies and other configuration files directly to our servers from Elentra.

EPA’s, Key and Enabling Competencies Update

The key configuration files, including the EPA’s, Milestones, Key and Enabling Competencies and Contextual Variables are now in the process of being uploaded and configured on the servers for programs launching in July 2018. This work is expected to be completed by May 13.

Training Update

Existing materials and support tools available for Elentra training are being reviewed. The team is working to customize and brand content specific for Schulich Medicine postgraduate medical education (PGME) Program Directors, Competence Committee Members, Program Advisors, Program Administrators, as well as faculty members, residents, and other administrative users. More information about formal training sessions, resource and support materials, will be included in our next communication.

What are the ELENTRA ME System implementation project milestones that are coming up?

Training Plan

This plan includes information regarding formal training session dates, resources and materials, and ongoing support moving forward. We are working on this plan at the moment, and will have more information in our next communication.

Elentra Program Coordinators Group

The Program Administrators for each PGME program will be the first point of contact for the users in their respective programs. The program administrators will answer the questions that they can, and escalate the questions that they cannot answer to the Elentra Support team at Elentra.Support@schulich.uwo.ca

Program Administrators will also meet by teleconference on an as needed basis to discuss problems and  change requests with the Elentra Support team.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

If you have any questions about the Elentra System Implementation or CBME in general, please email our support team at: elentra.support@schulich.uwo.ca