Bringing Our Vision to Life

A strategic investment in people

In 2011, the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry established its 10-year vision that it will be "a global leader in optimizing life-long health through innovations in research, education and active engagement with our communities."

At the core of this vision was a commitment to focus our energy and resources on advancing our knowledge and treatment of diseases that are inherent to aging, and in doing so, recognize that many find their origin even before birth.

We planned to do so with the understanding that we have a societal responsibility to ensure not only that healthy aging is an attainable goal, but that our School is at the forefront of defining new health policy, educational paradigms and research strengths to achieve this. Our approach was ambitious and unique; yet, as a national leader and one of Canada’s oldest medical schools, it was time for us to take this bold approach.

To achieve this vision would take a strategic investment in people — researchers and educators — those established in their field who are pushing the boundaries of discovery and brilliant, young individuals who value the collaborative nature that the research world now requires for success.

During the past six years, our School has experienced the most aggressive period of recruitment of new researchers in the history of our School.

The recruitment has touched every aspect of how we deliver our core mandate of becoming a national and international leader. It is an exciting transformation of the School. And now, these individuals are now beginning to carve out their niche within their areas of expertise, while collectively Schulich Medicine & Dentistry builds a mass in areas of research that are going to optimize life-long health.

The Researchers

Meet just some of the extraordinary people who are pushing the boundaries of discovery