Endowed Chairs

Dr. Elizabeth Osuch

The Dr. Joseph Rea Chair in Mood Disorders

How can we improve recovery and prevent long-term consequences of mental illnesses in young people?

David Hess, PhD

Sheldon H. Weinstein Chair in Diabetes Research

How can stem cell therapy help the body heal itself?

Dr. Rob Hegele

Wolfe Distinguished Medical Research Chair in Human Gene Function, Edith Schulich Vinet Chair in Human Genetics, Martha Blackburn Chair in Cardiovascular Research

Can we use DNA technology to improve lives?

Dr. Richard Kim

Wolfe Medical Research Chair in Pharmacogenomics

How can genetics optimize drug therapy?

Dr. Michael Rieder

GSK Chair in Clinical Pharmacology

How can we make drug therapy safer for children?

Dr. Luciano Sposato

Kathleen & Dr. Henry Barnett Chair in Stroke Research

What is the link between the brain and the heart?

Dr. Dervla Connaughton

Eugen Drewlo Chair in Kidney Research and Innovation

How can we provide personalized, precision-based medicine for patients with kidney disease?

Dr. Ruth Lanius

Harris-Woodman Chair in Mind-Body Medicine

How can personalized medicine for psychological trauma help reconnect the mind and body?

Shelley McKeller, PhD

Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine

How can historical medical achievements give us a framework and new approaches for medical care today?

Dr. Amit Garg

Dr. Adam Linton Chair in Kidney Health Analytics

Can we conduct better clinical trials that have worldwide impact?