Celebrating science, discovery and the next generation

Researchers, trainees and community supporters came together on November 12 to celebrate the science and discovery taking place at Robarts Research Institute.

The annual Taylor Symposium kicked off the activities, featuring research advancements and innovations in the area of cardiovascular disease research. The lineup included a London cardiovascular update and a panel discussion for patients and families moderated by Dr. Robert Hegele.

As the recipient of the 2019 J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine, Dr. Daniel Rader delivered the keynote presentation.

A champion of genomic medicine and preventative therapies, Dr. Rader accepted his award during the evening event. He spoke about precision medicine and its promising role in preventing disease. “This is the future of medicine and I think Robarts is at the forefront of applying precise tools in prevention,” he said.

Dr. Rader also emphasized three universal attributes important to health research – integrity, enthusiasm and commitment. “We show our commitment in many different ways,” he said. “To our scientific careers, to our patients and to finding the right answers for them.”

Trainees were also a big focus, showcasing research projects for community members and participating in the events. Several speakers pointed to the importance of the training environment at Robarts and recognized the continued excellence of Robarts trainees. “I’m in awe of our trainees and all they accomplish,” said Marlys Koschinsky, PhD, Scientific and Executive Director.