The Collaborator – November 2021

Read the November edition to learn more about the leaders in diabetes research and care, about creating trans inclusive spaces in research and medicine and about the insidious nature of sepsis and Dr. Aleksandra Leligdowicz research. Learn more about the student-led Council on Reforming Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Trainees (CREDIT) and their focus on improving representation in trainee recruitment and building a supportive School community.

The Collaborator – October 2021

Read the October edition to learn more about Saman Maleki, PhD, cancer immunotherapy research. Learn more about the computing the future of medicine. Learn more about research that leads to new insights on spinal disc degeneration. Read about the new Assistant Dean, Pre-Clinical Research, Timothy Regnault, PhD, focus on improving the School’s experimental research environment.

The Collaborator – September 2021

Read the September edition to learn more about the three Vanier Scholars, learn more about the graduate trainees recognized with top honours. Learn more about the collaborative research explores cannabis use in pregnancy. Learn more about the 2021 J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine recipient. Read about the CIHR Project Grant recipients and the 2021 NSERC competition results.

The Collaborator – June 2021

Read the June edition to learn more about the four scientists and scholars named Canada Research Chairs, learn more about a collaboratie project helping inform hospital decision-making during the pandemic. ImPaKT team expands research to target variants of concern. Celebrating the Class of 2021.

The Collaborator – May 2021

Read the May edition to learn more about the ImPaKT Facility is ground zero for training research leaders to tackle the next pandemic, learn more about engaging the community in cancer research, and read about how Araf Ahmed, MPH Candidate, is making an impact beyond the classroom. The Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) program welcomed its first cohort this week.

The Collaborator – April 2021

Read the April edition to learn more about the $3.2 million awarded to clinical researchers, read about fifteen trainees who received research awards at the annual Imaging Network of Ontario Symposium, learn more about fighting infection by harnessing teh competitative nature of bacteria, and Trans PULSE Canada highlights diverse experineces of trans and non-binary Canadians.

The Collaborator – March 2021

Read the March edition to learn more about the six interdisciplinary teams receving funding, read about the CIHR Project Grant recipients, learn more about genomic surveillance programs have tracked more than 300,000 unique genetic versions of the virus, developming an equitable health system and using your genes to detect arrhythmias.

The Collaborator – February 2021

Read the February edition to learn more about three research teams receiving funding for education research, read about using cancer cells to treat cancer, find out the CT perfusion technology guides and assesses treatment for stroke and cancer patients around the world.


The Collaborator – January 2021

Read the January edition to learn more about training the 21st Century Scientist, read about the online course that aims to build pandemic resilience, find out if genetics can optimize durg therapy and learn more about a vanguard innovator who may have found first-ever sepsis treatment.