May 2019

  • decorative imageNew SOGS President prepared to meet upcoming challenges
    "It’s important to take risks and get outside your comfort zone. You find out more about yourself that way.” PhD Candidate Jina Kum is setting ambitious goals for her one-year term as President of Western's Society of Graduate Students (SOGS). With changes to student fees, part of her role will involve addressing the funding uncertainty.

  • decorative imageEmotion and the brain: Mapping the missing link
    Derek Mitchell, PhD, is bridging the gap between our understanding of the mind and its relationship to the physical brain. He studies the neuroanatomy underlying the experience and control of emotions, such as fear, anxiety and anger.

  • decorative imageBringing healing into focus
    1,500 photos. 34 patients. Using photography to document their lives as part of the Renal Community Photo Project, dialysis patients are giving a research team, led by Dr. Christopher McIntyre, insight into resilience in the face of diagnosis and chronic disease.

  • decorative imageParkinson's results beyond researchers' wildest dreams
    An implantable device is restoring movement for Parkinson’s patients. "For them to go from being home-bound to being able to go on trips to the mall and have vacations is remarkable," said Dr. Mandar Jog.

  • decorative imageThank you for your support at #LHRD19
    Thank you to the dedicated judges who participated in London Health Research Day on April 30. Your support is critical to the event’s success, ensuring trainees have an enriching and valuable experience.

  • decorative imageWestern backs federal equity efforts
    Western is endorsing the Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada program focused on equitable hiring and promotion opportunities. By backing the Charter of Eight Principles of Inclusion, Western commits to embedding equity, diversity and inclusion principles in its policies, practices, action plans and culture.

  • decorative imageEmerging researchers receive funding to expand horizons and take risks
    Corey Baron, PhD, Bogumil Karas, PhD, and Dr. Zhan Tao (Peter) Wang have received funding as part of the federal government's New Frontiers in Research Fund. The initiative invests in researchers with five years or less of experience since their first academic appointment.

  • decorative imageImproving outcomes for fracture clinic patients
    The fracture clinic in London, Ontario is a bustling place, with surgeons and trainees often seeing more than 70 patients each day. The busy clinic presents a range of challenges for health care workers, creating opportunities for academic surgeons like Dr. Emil Schemitsch to ask important research questions and hunt for answers.

  • decorative imageCreating change to tackle public health challenges
    Three years into his training to be a police officer, Cody Thomas completely changed his career direction. As a student in the Master of Public Health Program, he is now focusing his efforts on upstream, preventative strategies to tackle public health challenges.

  • decorative imageCommunications tools for management of rare diseases
    In a video for Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Dr. Teneille Gofton, assistant professor with Clinical Neurological Sciences, discusses communication tools and strategies among patients, caregivers, clinicians, departments and institutions for a rare disease called new-onset refractory status epilepticus, or NORSE.

  • decorative imageNature Career Column: Networking for introverted scientists
    Many scientists struggle with networking. If you’re one of them, don’t despair. A structured, scientific approach could be all you need. Via Nature

  • decorative imageDevelopmental Disabilities Research Day - May 30
    Learn the latest research in the field of Developmental Disabilities (Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder) at the fourth annual event. The day includes oral and poster presentations, lunch and a keynote address by Daniel Messinger, PhD, Professor, Psychology and Associate Director, Child Division (Developmental Program) at the University of Miami.

  • decorative imageCelebrate the #SchulichAdvantage: Awards of Excellence Dinner - May 30
    As educators, researchers, innovators and leaders, the 2019 Awards of Excellence recipients are making a difference at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and Western University. It is with great pride that we recognize and honour their achievements. Purchase your tickets for the Awards of Excellence Dinner by Thursday, May 23.

  • decorative imageSee the Line Community Symposium - August 15
    Stay up-to-date on the latest in concussion research at the See the Line Community Symposium on August 15, featuring keynote speaker Carolyn Emery, PhD, who is leading the SHRed Concussions study at the University of Calgary. She will join Honorary Chair Eric Lindros and an all-star panel.

  • Celebrating your recent achievements
    Congratulations to Janice Gomes, Jordan Edwards, Klajdi Puka, the nine award winners from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine's Research Day, as well as many others, on your recent accomplishments.

  • Featured publications
    Featured publications covering topics ranging from mind-body interventions in mental illness to the integration of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy and surgery to treat lung cancer. Authors include David Palma, Akshya Vasudev, Kelly Anderson and researchers from across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

  • Beyond the bench
    From Mother's Day activities to welcoming new students to #LHRD19, take a look at what your colleagues have been up to this month. Tweets from Martin Prusinkiewicz, David Edgell, Nivin Nyström and many others.