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The Collaborator – September 2019

Read the September edition to view photos from ImPaKT, read a story of survival and strength spans across borders and to the heights of academia, learn about Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo’s research on how eye movement has an important link to memory formation, and discover a number of upcoming workshops to enhance your skills.

The Collaborator – June 2019

Read the June edition to view photos from Convocation 2019, meet a new alumnus who is applying his basic science training to a career in management consulting, learn about Dr. Tom Appleton's research on osteoarthritis, and discover a number of upcoming workshops to enhance your skills.

The Collaborator – May 2019

Read the May edition to view photos from London Health Research Day, meet new SOGS President Jina Kum, and discover Derek Mitchell's research on the neuroanatomy underlying the experience and control of emotions.

The Collaborator – April 2019

Read the April edition to discover Jessica Prodger's research on the penile microbiome and HIV, meet PhD Candidate Matthew Berg, read about the newly founded 500 Women Scientists London Pod, and learn how doctoral education is essential for driving innovation.

The Collaborator – March 2019

Read the March edition to learn about two CIHR-funded research projects advancing equity in care and training for Indigenous communities, meet fourth-year student Mihai Dumbrava and read about the top teaching and research talent at the School.

The Collaborator – February 2019

Read the February edition to learn how your spinal cord is 'smarter' than previously thought, discover why graduate student Jessica Schill sees a connection between her family farm and public health, and learn more about Shawn Li's diverse research projects focused on the molecular and epigenetic basis of cancer.

The Collaborator – January 2019

Read the January edition to learn how MD/PhD Candidate Austyn Roseborough trains for endurance in sport and science, meet faculty member Mamadou Diop, PhD, who is focused on non-invasive technologies to monitor tissue health, and read why David Litchfield, PhD, thinks collaboration and a convergence of disciplines are crucial for today's health researchers.

The Collaborator – November 2018

Read the November edition to view photos from the 2018 Taylor Symposium and Leaders in Innovation Dinner, learn how the AMOSO Opportunities Fund is supporting physician involvement in research, and discover the London Regional Genomics Centre.

The Collaborator – October 2018

Read the October edition to learn how synthetic biology is opening up a limitless world of opportunity for scientists, meet Master of Public Health graduate Sukhmeet Rohan Sachal, and learn about emerging research focused on pancreatic cancer and lipoprotein(a).

The Collaborator – September 2018

Read the September edition to learn about AHead Simulations, a startup company founded by biomedical engineering grad Robert Koch that focuses on simulation training in audiology, go behind the doors at the London Regional Flow Cytometry Facility, and discover the resumé mistakes PhDs make.