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Students can appeal academic issues such as: accuracy or appropriateness of grades on examinations, assignments, or courses; fairness or appropriateness of general grading practices; waiver of a progression requirement; the appropriateness of sanctions imposed for a scholastic offence.  For issues arising from coursework, appeals normally must be made in the first instance to the faculty member who teaches the course.  If this does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, or if the issue concerns a topic not directly related to matters arising from a specific course, appeals must be made to the Director of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience.  Having exhausted all stages of appeal within the Graduate Program in Neuroscience, a student may appeal to the Vice-Provost of SGPS.  A booklet containing information relevant to an appeal to SGPS, “Information For A Graduate Student Wishing To Make An Appeal To The SGPS” is available from SGPS.  General principles of fairness, confidentiality, appropriate subject of an appeal, grounds of the appeal, relief requested, onus, standard of proof and documentation that are applied to appeals by graduate students in the Program in Neuroscience are those described in the SGPS booklet.