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Full-time graduate students in research-based programs are expected to be active in their program for all three terms of the university year, as specified in Section 4.03. While engaging in their program, we recognize that personal time (i.e. time away from studies) is beneficial for student health, well-being and academic achievement. It is acceptable and expected that Supervisors, Supervisory Committee Members and Graduate Chairs will discuss expectations around students’ study and research schedules; they will mentor students and support their need for time off and their pursuit of work/life balance. Time away from studies must take into account the impact on timely progression and the impact on research and other responsibilities.

It is expected that students devote a reasonable number of hours each weekday to study and to research. It is acceptable for students to take days off. In making these time management decisions, it is expected that students will learn to discern when time away from studies supports academic productivity, and when it undermines timely progression.

Graduate Chairs are encouraged to ensure that both student and supervisor needs and expectations are met. See Regulation 11.02 (supervisor expectations).

In addition to the above, students are entitled to be away from their studies and research responsibilities during:
◾the closing of the University from late December until early January
◾statutory holidays when the University is closed
◾religious holidays in accordance with University policy

Graduate students are also entitled to at least two weeks of vacation time from their studies per year.