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Program Committee

This committee is the executive committee of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience and is comprised of 8 elected core members of faculty plus the Program Director. The Program Committee is responsible for the administration of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience.  Its duties include:  i) the evaluation of applicants;  ii) the evaluation of requests for transfer from the masters to the doctoral program;  iii) chairing of advisory committees, comprehensive exams and thesis defenses;  iv) approval of the scope of, and examiners for, PhD comprehensive examinations and approval of master’s and doctoral thesis examiners;  v) the conduct of reviews of the progress of each graduate student and the ranking of applications for scholarships and awards; vi) the coordination of program requests for funds from the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and other sources;  vii) the preparation of reports for review of the Graduate Program;  viii) the formulation and presentation to the Program of changes in policies and guidelines.

The members of the Program Committee are elected by all core members of the Program.  Members are always drawn from 6 different academic departments at any one time. Program Committee members serve terms of three years; members’ terms are staggered to ensure continuity of membership with some new members added each academic year.  A student member, elected by the students, also serves as a member of the Program Committee for a one-year term.  The instructor of Neuroscience 9500 is also a standing member.

The Director of the Program is selected by a Search Committee called by the University Steering and Advisory Committee for the Graduate Program in Neuroscience