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How to Apply

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Submitting Your Application

In order to apply to graduate studies at Western, it is important that you understand the essential elements of the Western graduate school application. No application will be considered until it is complete. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents (e.g., transcripts, letters of recommendation, test results such as TOEFL scores) are submitted by the program’s deadline for application.

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Application Due Dates

Spring or Fall 2020 admission
Applications are encouraged by February 28, 2020

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The Application

The application process begins with the receipt of the application along with all application requirements. In order to be considered for admission to our graduate program, the following information must be submitted and on file for consideration in the department by the stated application deadline. These documents become part of Western's files and will not be returned to or copied for the applicant. All application requirements, aside from the application, must be submitted directly to our program. Transcripts and test scores must be official.

To apply for admission, a completed application must be submitted, providing Western with the following:

Assessing your Application

There are two steps in the admission procedure. The first step is that Neuroscience Program Committee will evaluate your application, once it is complete, as to whether you are academically qualified. You will be notified by the Program whether you will proceed to the next admission step. For the second and final step in admission, the qualified student must match up with a supervisor. At this stage, names of qualified students will be circulated among potential supervisors, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact supervisors you are interested in. Since space and funding are not always available to a potential supervisor, qualified students do not always find supervisors. Once a supervisor agrees to accept you, and has provided the Program with an official letter of his/her funding and official acceptance of you, the Program will forward your file to the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.