Administrative Responsibilities

Western ONECard

The Western ONECard functions as an identification card for your identity at Western. It is also a library card, meal plan card, and can be used for door access and vending machine purchases.

You may obtain your Western ONECard in the Student Central Office. Please have your Western ID number and one piece of photo identification such as:

  • Driver's license
  • Citizenship card
  • Passport
  • Other government issued photo ID

For further details, including important conditions surround use and ownership, please visit Western ONECard.

E-Mail Account

The University provides an e-mail account to all faculty, staff and students, to be used in conjunction with their duties or activities at the University. For further details, please visit Western Technology Services


Keys to an office, laboratory, and relevant buildings are obtained from the Keys Office located in Room 4150 of the Support Services Building. You will need to provide a signed key requisition form which can be obtained from program administrators. A Western ID card MUST be shown to obtain keys.


Parking on the Western campus is limited and permits must be purchased by all academic staff, staff and students wishing to park vehicles on campus. Parking permits are transponders that activate electronic gates. This transponder can be obtained from Western Parking & Visitor Services. To obtain your permit, you will need to provide Parking Services with the make/type of vehicle and License plate number as well as your Western ID number.

For further details, please visit Parking & Visitor Services