Stephen Barr (PhD)

Associate Professor

Postdoc: University of Alberta

Postdoc: University of Pennsylvania

PhD: University of Calgary



Office:  Dental Sciences Building, Room 3007H

Phone:  519-661-3438


Lab Website: 

Area of Study:

Virus-host interactions of emerging viral pathogens (e.g. HIV, Ebola, SARS-CoV-2)

Fields of Interest:

-Innate immunity
-Molecular Biology

Research Profile

The Barr Lab aims to better understand the complex virus-host interactions of emerging viral pathogens. We study Containment Level 2 and Level 3 viruses such as HIV, Ebola-like viruses, and the recent newcomer SARS-related coronavirus 2, which causes the disease COVID-19. Our laboratory is in learning how the human interferon response, touted as the first line of defence against all viruses, responds to these pathogens. The ability of these pathogens to overcome this antiviral defence is a critical requirement for viruses to jump the species barrier and maintain themselves in the human population. We use molecular, biochemical, genetic and evolutionary approaches to characterize the mechanisms underlying these activities and how emerging viruses evade them.

Publication Profile

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