Ryan Troyer

Assistant Professor

Postdoc:  Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

PhD:  University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA



Office:  Dental Sciences Building 3007G

Phone: 519.661.3997

Email:  rtroyer@uwo.ca  

Area of Study:

We study molecular and cellular virology using multiple virus-host systems

Fields of Interest:

-Zoonotic and emerging viruses
-Viral genetic diversity and evolution
-Animal models of viral disease
-Virus/host molecular interactions
-Viral immunity
-Virus discovery

Research Profile

Research in the Troyer lab is focused on understanding how viruses evolve and interact with their hosts to ensure viral survival and transmission; and how we can manipulate these interactions to prevent and treat viral disease. We are currently developing models for studying retroviruses, herpesviruses, and the diseases that they cause. We are also engaged in collaborative research on HIV, human herpesviruses, and animal virus discovery; and are always interested in new collaborative opportunities.

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