Jennifer Guthrie

Assistant Professor 

PhD:  The University of British Columbia, Canada

MSc:  Brock University, Canada




Office:  Siebens Drake Research Institute, Room 206A



Lab Website: 

Area of Study:

Pathogen genomics and bioinformatics combined with epidemiological methods to enhance public health efforts with respect to clinical diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance and prevention of disease transmission.

Fields of Interest:

-Infectious diseases
-Clinical microbiology

Research Profile

My research program combines genomics, computational biology and microbiology with the goal of developing and applying bioinformatics and epidemiological methods to interpret complex pathogen data, thereby improving our ability to predict antimicrobial resistance, understand patterns of disease transmission, detect outbreaks, and provide new insights into pathogen evolution. My focus is on infectious diseases of public health concern such as COVID-19, tuberculosis and MRSA.

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