Alp Sener

Associate Professor of Surgery

Clinician Scientist

Scientist, Matthew Mailing Center for Translational Transplant Studies

Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute

Postdoc:  University of Maryland, USA

Fellowship:  University of Maryland Medical Center, USA

Residency:  Western University, Canada

PhD:  University of Calgary, Canada

MD:  University of Calgary, Canada

Office:  University Hospital C4-208

Phone: 519.663.3352


Lab Website: 

Area of Study:

Our laboratory is focused on exploring novel transplant organ preservation strategies using temperature modulation and gasotransmitter therapy with the ultimate goal of improving long term graft function and survival.

Fields of Interest:

-Ischemia reperfusion injury
-Transplant immunobiology
-Surgical innovation and education
-Kidney and pancreas transplantation

Research Profile

The nature of transplantation leads to tissue injury as organs are damaged by the loss of blood supply and ischemia associated with the organ procurement procedure. The potential benefit of donor tissue and storage modification to protect organs has not been intensively investigated as mainstream approaches to improving transplant survival remains focused on pharmacological inhibition of immune cell activation. As the discrepancy between the availability of donor organs and the increasing rate of patients who require renal transplants continues to diverge, the search for methods of prolonging renal graft survival becomes paramount. Our laboratory is focused on establishing novel strategies of minimizing post-transplant graft rejection as well as in developing cutting-edge preservation techniques to promote improved early and late renal allograft function and survival using both in vitro and in vivo models.

Publication Profile