2022 Summer Grad News

As the Summer 2022 semester draws to a close, let's take a moment to congratulate the students below on their achievements. Thank you as well to the faculty for their participation on exams.

News from our Alumni:

  • Carolina Reyes Batista (PhD 2018), a former trainee with Rod Dekoter, is now a Principal Scientific Researcher in Cancer Immunology at Genentech, in San Francisco.
  • Matthew Miller (PhD 2011), a former trainee with Joe Mymryk, has been named Director of the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research at McMaster University.

Collip Medal Award (top graduating PhD student in the Faculty of Medicine):

  • Denny Chin (Heinrichs)

Silver Medal Recipient at the Canadian Student Health Research Forum:

  • Robert Kuiack (McGavin)

Dr. John Robinson Graduate Scholarship (top M.Sc to PhD transfer student):

  • Gerrit Stuivenberg (Burton and Reid)

Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin Fellowship (Excellence in Research and Teaching):

  • John Chmiel (Burton and Bjazevic)

Summer 2022 PhD Candidacy exams (c : chair; e: examiner)

  • Jaspreet Toor (Barra & Cairns) c: R. Troyer; e: A. Sener, B. Heit, J. McCormick. *with Distinction
  • Dylan Weninger (Arts) c: J. Mymryk; e: R. Troyer, A. Poon, S. Zukowski. *with Distinction

Summer 2022 M.Sc Defense

  • Mai Sonpaveerawong (Heinrichs) c: J. Dikeakos; e: J. Burton, J. McCormick, S. Kohalmi
  • Eoin Blythe (Dekaban) c: S. Kim; e: E. Cairns, R. Dekoter, L. Dagnino
  • Mia Sams (Dekoter) c: C. Creuzenet; e: S. Kerfoot, J. Mymryk, T. Drysdale
  • Roy Zang (Dikeakos) c: E. Cairns; e: S. Zukowski, R. Troyer, J. Di Guglielmo
  • Alex Michaud (Haeryfar) c: J. Dikeakos; e: S. Kim, A. Leligdowicz, A. Timoshenko
  • Antony Lurie (Dikeakos) c: S. Kerfoot; e: M. McGavin, P . Stathopulos, P. O’Donoghue
  • Camryn Bonn (McGavin) c: S. Barr ; e: C. Creuzenet, D. Heinrichs, M. Junop
  • Alex Lac (Heit) c: S. Kerfoot ; e: L. Cameron, R. Troyer, K. Singh
  • Matthew Myles (Creuzenet) c: G. Dekaban ; e: S. Kim, J. Burton, G. Shaw

Canadian Society for Immunology- Poster Awards

  • Brandon Dickson (Heit)
  • Alex Lac (Heit)