FAQ - Canadian

Am I eligible for a Clinical Fellowship?

Clinical Fellows are postgraduate trainees who have completed residency training and obtained specialty or subspecialty certification. You are not eligible for a clinical fellowship unless you will complete residency and hold specialty certification before the fellowship appointment date. Clinical Fellows require a certificate of registration from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario. You must be eligible to obtain licensure from the CPSO in order to be able to hold a clinical fellow position.

How do I apply for a Clinical or Research Fellowship position?

You will contact the program directly to determine availability and application requirements. Please refer to the fellowship programs.

Is there tuition for fellowship training?

No, there is no tuition cost for fellowship training but there are associated fees. You will pay an annual registration fee of $700CAD to Western University, and will incur fees in your CPSO and CMPA application.

What is the CPSO and how do I apply?

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is the medical licensing authority for the province of Ontario. The CPSO issues certificates of registration to doctors to allow them to practice medicine, monitors and maintains standards of practice. A Postgraduate Education certificate is renewed annually and held during postgraduate medical training at an Ontario medical school. There are terms, conditions and limitations to the certificate. For more information please visit the CPSO website and download the membership application form.

Please note that Research Fellows have no clinical activity or patient contact and do not hold a license with the CPSO.

What is the CMPA and how do I apply?

All trainees who whose work involves patient contact must obtain Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) membership for the duration of their registration at Western University. The CMPA is a non-profit medical mutual defense organization that protects the professional integrity of doctors by providing services including legal defense, indemnification, risk management, educational programs and general advice. Detailed information, including a downloadable form, is available through the CMPA website. Membership cannot begin until the CPSO has issued your Certificate of Registration, but it is still possible to apply ahead of time and thereby accelerate the processing of your membership.