Migration Videos to Panopto


As of August 2023, Kaltura has been phased out as Schulich's video platform. This means that all media stored on Kaltura will no longer be available.

Some modules or web pages contain Kaltura video embeds or links. If existing Kaltura video embeds are to be re-used beyond August 2023, it will be necessary to move this content to the Panopto platform, from which the content can be embedded.

You'll commonly find Kaltura videos embedded in OWL, Elentra, Articulate Rise modules, and Schulich websites.

All videos on Kaltura (VOD) have been temporarily backed up and will be uploaded to Panopto. These videos will be organized by owner/username. To be granted ownership of your video files, you'll need to login into Panopto to provision your account. Then please request access via an ETMS ticket.

You're welcome to independently follow our guide on how to find and replace Kaltura embeds or submit a support ticket for a more guided migration and replacement.