Integrate Panopto Within OWL


What are the benefits of using the Panopto POrtal inside OWL

The Panopto Portal tool is a software add-on to OWL that allows faculty and staff to streamline Panopto video management, recording, and uploading without ever leaving OWL. 

It also reduces faculty's administrative workload. Once the tool is set up, OWL creates a Panopto course folder with the instructor and student permissions automatically granted.

How to Add the Panopto Portal Inside OWL

Panopto can be added to an OWL (LMS) course site or project site:

  1. Submit a ticket to the WTS Service Desk indicating that you'd like Panopto added to your OWL site.
  2. Mention that you are from Schulich and include the site ID(s) or URL in the request (i.e. "b7d245fe-0ce2-4532-9430-39a91ae10111" or "").
  3. You can send/request multiple sites in a single request and they'll be processed at the same time.
  4. Once the Panopto (Portal) tool is added to your OWL site, logging into OWL using your Western credentials will also log you into Panopto within OWL.