Panopto Browser Settings

Panopto is optimized for the latest version of Chrome (browser) and therefore we recommend its use.

The Chrome settings below are required for OWL and Panopto to grant access to viewers:

If Safari (iOS or MacOS) is used, both "Block All Cookies" and "Prevent Cross-site Tracking" settings need to be OFF for Panopto videos that require a sign-on to be viewed:

  • MacOS
    • Safari > Settings > Privacy > Uncheck "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking"
    • Safari > Settings > Advanced > Uncheck "Block All Cookies"
  • iOS (iPhone)
    • Settings >Safari > Advanced (bottom) > Uncheck "Block All Cookies"
    • Settings >Safari > Uncheck "Prevent Cross Site Tracking"

In the event that viewers are enrolled in multiple OWL courses that use Panopto, the following applies

  • It is necessary to close one's browser completely when moving between OWL courses.
Incognito (Private) browsing does not work with the Panopto Portal on OWL.