Request a Form

Information Services can create a form for most needs. Whether you need a simple registration form for an event or are looking to convert a paper form into an electronic form we can help.

This page contains information regarding what is available and what must be included in your form request. When requesting a form from Information Services you must complete an Online Form Request and include the following:

  1. Name of the form. Please include the name of the form.
  2. Location of the page the form will be housed on. You must create a new page in Cascade to house the form and include the location of that page in Cascade in your request. E.g. a page called “Cascade Access and Training” was created to house the form created for people to request access and training for Cascade. After you approve the form, the form code will be added to the page you created.
  3. List of fields to be included on the form. You must include the field name (the name you want the field to have) and type (see list below for field types available).  If you are using a field type that has choices, you must include a list of those choices.
  4. A list of all required fields. The required rule will make sure that a user fills out a particular field. A message will be displayed to the user if they have not filled out a required field and they will be unable to submit the form until they complete all required fields.
  5. Name(s) of person or persons requiring administrative access to form submissions in the Machform Admin Panel. All the data is accessible from the machform admin panel. Administrators can export data to excel and can modify/delete submissions.
  6. Notifications. Indicate if you want to receive an email notification or if you want the submitter to receive a copy (see the "Notifications" section below) and include the required information.
  7. Logic, Submission Confirmation, and Other Features. Please read these sections below and if you want to use any of them include the required information.
  8. Date required. Include the date you require the form to be live. Please allow one week for simple forms and at least two weeks for complex forms.


Send Notification Emails to My Inbox

If enabled, this option will send all successful form submissions to the email address of your choice.  If you want to enable this function please include the email address you want submissions to be sent to. 

All the data will still be accessible from your machform admin panel.

Send Confirmation Email to User

If enabled, this option will send a confirmation email to the user after successful form submission. Your form must have an email field to use this option. Please indicate if you want to have this function enabled.

If you have text you would like to include in the confirmation email please include it in your email to the Helpdesk.



Allows fields to be hidden or shown based on answer to previous fields (e.g. a multiple choice of "Will you be attending dinner?" when chosen would then display the entrée options).

If you want to enable this function please indicate which fields this should be applied to.

Submission Confirmation

Show Text

This message will be displayed after your users have successfully submitted an entry (default = “Success! Your submission has been saved!”). If you want text other than the default, please provide the text in your email to the Helpdesk.

Redirect to Web Site

After your users have successfully submitted an entry, you can redirect them to another website/URL of your choice. If you want to use this option, please provide the URL.

Other Features

Automatic Scheduling

Automatic Scheduling allows you to schedule start and stop dates for your form. If you want to enable this function please indicate the start and stop dates and times.

Limit Submission

Limit Submission will turn the form off after reaching the number of entries defined. If you want to enable this function, please submit details.

No duplicate

No duplicate will verify that the data entered into the field is unique and has not been submitted previously. If you want to enable this function, please submit details. 

Once you submit your online form request, a ticket will be created and a member of the Web Support Team will work with you to ensure your new form meets yours needs.

Field Types

Single line text

Provides a text field for input of a single line of text – can have a minimum and maximum that is limited by characters or words

Paragraph text

Provides a text field for input of a paragraph of text – can have a minimum and maximum that is limited by characters or words

Multiple choice

Provides radio buttons to select different options - single selection


Provides text fields for first and last names


Provides a text box for entry of a time. Includes hour and min and can include seconds. Can also be set to 24 hour format


Provides text fields for Address with one or two street address text fields, city, state/province/region, postal/zip code, country – drop down list in which a default country can be set to a default – e.g. Canada

Matrix Choice

Is a rating or Likert scale field, which you can use in surveys and other forms where you want to allow your users to rate multiple items in a single field

Section Break

Provides breaks to organize form fields into sections which include a section title and description


Provides a field where the submitter can draw their signature


Will accept numerical values only


Provides unlimited checkboxes that can be used for multi-select

Drop down

Provides a menu list of options to choose from – single choice only


Provides a text box for entry of a date. An icon next to the text box provides a link to a pop-up calendar, which can also be used to enter the date value


Provides a field for phone numbers – can be North American or International format


Provides a URL text input field


Provides an email field

File Upload

Provides a field to upload files – can to limited in number and file type

Page break

Allows longer forms to be divided into pages, also allows user to save their form and return to complete the form at later date/time