Welcome to Panopto


Welcome to Panopto, Schulich’s Video platform 

Schulich has adopted Panopto as a comprehensive video recording, management, and delivery platform. This article explains what Panopto is, why we are adopting it, what it will be replacing, and the approximate timeline of the rolling out. 


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What is Panopto?

Panopto is a software platform which provides the following services in one integrated suite of tools:

  • Video hosting & streaming
  • Video content management (searching, sharing, embeds, permissions, and editing)
  • Screen-casting & recording
  • Classroom & user recording
  • Easy sharing & delivery of any video or audio 

Panopto was developed by Carnegie Mellon University for higher education and is widely used by our peers, including several Ivey League universities. 

Why Panopto, and what will Panopto be replacing?

Schulich is consolidating video tools and resources by rolling out Panopto as the primary video platform. Panopto combines the most desired features from Kaltura and Echo360 and delivers them in a format designed specifically for higher education.

Panopto will be replacing two video CMS platforms: 
  1. Echo 360: A classroom video-capture solution currently installed in some Schulich classrooms, used mainly by ACB.
  2. Kaltura: A video content-management service enabling delivery, sharing and analytics reporting. Used mainly for embedding video content into course sites, modules, and websites. 

What will change with the move to Panopto? What will happen to existing video resources? 

As Schulich’s use of video resources matures, new measures must be taken to ensure privacy is respected. Videos resources stored must also remain relevant, and the video platform should not be overloaded with content that consumes space yet does not get used. 

  • Privacy: Instructors that utilize Panopto’s classroom capture are strongly advised to include a privacy statement in their course syllabus to inform students of the following items:
    • Video and audio recordings will be made within the classroom. Student voices and/or images may be captured as a result and viewable by users of Panopto.   
  • Content-Retention Policy Updates: Videos with no plays after 13 months on the platform will be archived.
  • Kaltura (VOD) to Panopto Video Migration:
    • All videos on Kaltura (VOD) have been temporarily backed up and will be uploaded to Panopto. These videos will be organized by owner/username. To be granted ownership of your video files, you'll need to login into Panopto to provision your account. Then please request access via an ETMS ticket.
    • Video embeds which are re-used year-over-year must be replaced. Kaltura (VOD) embed codes must be replaced with Panopto embed codes.  In these cases, please follow our web guide or request support through this process.

What are the pros and cons of the move to Panopto?

  • CON: Migrating Kaltura Videos to Panopto: Owners of Kaltura videos will need to replace the old Kaltura links and embed code with the new Panopto ones.
  • PRO: Standardized User Experience and Support. Many faculty, staff, and students have been confused by the number of video tools available. Adopting a single tool enables a standardized user experience with better support.
  • PRO: Easy-to-use capture tools. The Panopto video capture tool can be downloaded and installed on Apple OS or Windows, or you can record video using Panoto's browser capture.
  • PRO: All videos in one place. Users will have one place to go to access their video library—no matter where the video originated.
  • PRO: Growth Potential. Using Panopto creates the potential for use with existing and future learning management systems, Zoom, Teams and other tools used to collaborate and deliver content. 
  • PRO: Significant cost savings

What is the timeline for all of these changes?

Here is a current estimate of our transition plans. We will update these dates as our timelines firm up. 

  • As of now: The backup of all video resources on Kaltura (VOD) is completed and sitting on our servers.  Backed-up videos are categorized by owner/user.
  • December 1st, 2022: Panopto is available for anyone to record, edit, deliver and manage media. 
  • Mid-December: Privacy statement templates for faculty and an updated content-retention policy will be made available for faculty/staff from the ETMS website.
  • February/March 2023: New Panopto-compatible classroom capture software installed
  • Q1 2023 - Echo 360 content moved to Panopto.
  • April 15th, 2023: Echo 360 will no longer be available for the creation of new content
  • April 30th, 2023: Echo 360 Decommissioned.
  • Q2 2023: Existing Kaltura recordings moved to Panopto.
  • July 1st, 2023: Kaltura is no longer available for new content
  • August 15th, 2023: Kaltura Decommissioned