Resident Profiles

  • Aditi.jpg
    Dr. Aditi Kane 
    "My greatest experience to date in my education has been working at my home family medicine site (St. Joseph’s Family Medical Centre) and working with an incredible team of fellow residents, staff physicians and allied health professionals." A graduate of our residency program, Dr. Aditi Kane intends to practice comprehensive primary care in the London and surrounding area and give back by one day teaching medical students and/or residents. (Read More)

    • Jane.jpg
      Dr. Jane Thornton
      Dr. Jane Thornton is a resident physician, researcher and advocate for physical activity for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. She has led a national strategy on physical activity in the undergraduate medical curriculum, and created and curated resources for both patients and physicians on the topic. (Read More)

  • Shawn-Our-People.jpg
    Dr. Shawn Segeren
    My experience in the Chatham-Kent Rural Program has been incredible. From day-one of residency, I felt welcomed into the community by both patients and providers. One of my favorite aspects of the program is the fact that nearly all block-based rotations in first-year can be completed in Chatham. Because of this, I was able to work one-on-one with consultants. This allowed me to perform numerous procedures, engage in unique patient encounters, as well as develop strong, professional relationships... (Read More)

  • Jessica-Davie.jpg
    Dr. Jessica Davie
    Thanks to great teachers and mentors, small class sizes and a lot of hands-on training, Dr. Jessica Davie, MD'16, felt well prepared to start her family medicine residency training program in Windsor. (Read More)