Application Process

Instructions for Canadian/US Medical Graduates or International Medical Graduates

Please consult CaRMS (Canadian Residency Matching Service) website for details

PGME Transfer Policy: 

Review the PGME Residency Program Transfer Policy 

If you are a Canadian or US medical resident who is interested in transferring into our family medicine residency program, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Please download the Transfer Application.
  2. Complete the transfer application in full and mail completed application form and all necessary documents to:
    • Postgraduate Program Coordinator
    • Department of Family Medicine
    • Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
    • Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine, 1st Floor
    • Western University
    • London, Ontario N6A 5C1
  3. Please note that it is your full responsibility to ensure that we have received the completed application and all required documentations. If your application or any of the required documentations are not complete, you will NOT be considered for a transfer position.

Please note that availability of positions for accepting transfer applicants is unpredictable and varies from year to year. We are not able to inform you of your likelihood of a successful transfer upon receipt of your application. If we do have position(s) available for transfers, we will ONLY select from the best candidate(s) who have submitted complete applications and all required documents.

Please also remember to follow the procedures and policies at your home university or training program regarding transfers.


If you are interested in an observership, please note that our Postgraduate Program does not make any arrangements for observerships. Our teachers already have educational commitments to medical students and residents.