Todd, Regional Program - Mt. Brydges

Meet Todd, a Family Medicine resident in our Regional Program, training at the Southwest Middlesex Health Centre in Mt. Brydges.


Where were you born and raised?
In Brampton, where my family still lives, until I moved to Hamilton for university and then London for med school.

Where do you practice medicine and in what scope?
Once I finish residency, my goal is to work in a smaller community near London, where I’ll be able pursue my interests in both clinic and hospitalist medicine.

What drew you to the Family Medicine residency program at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry?
The Regional Program drew my attention because of location, the scope of the training experience, and the relaxed culture of the program. You can train out of any of the three Regional sites while living in London, yet still be able to participate in comprehensive rural medicine including inpatient care, emergency department shifts, obstetrical clinics and deliveries, long term care, and community palliative care. 

Can you tell me about your experience in the program?
The Regional program has given me lots of opportunity to develop a strong family medicine foundation while on-service, as the staff are very approachable and engaged in our learning. As well, the structure of the program has allowed me to branch out to other areas of medicine that interest me while off-service, such as hospitalist work and the emergency department. This has allowed me to have a tailored experience, where all of the rotations I’ve done have been relevant to my future career goals.

What inspires you in your work?
During my second year back at the clinic, it really clicked for me that there is a bond you develop with patients in your practice. Seeing people again after being away for eight months doing other rotations, and then coming back to hear their stories, learn of the impact of decisions made at previous visits, and seeing the new additions to their families really highlights the ongoing nature of family medicine, even if that’s hard to recognize on a day to day basis.

Can you recount a positive lesson you’ve taken from your residency?
Unlike as a medical student, I think it’s important to aim to be as independent as possible early on, while still knowing you have supports around you for those times when you need it. This causes you to take responsibility for you decisions and prepares you best for practice, and I’m glad the program here promotes that attitude.

What has been your greatest challenge?
The four-week block structure can mean moving around a lot, and this often leads to unresolved patient stories. It can be challenging not knowing what outcomes were, or not seeing the long term consequences of decisions, as you’ve already moved on to a new service or even a new town. Luckily this problem goes away once you’re in your own practice.
What special interests or hobbies do you have?
Nothing too off-the-wall. I have an overly needy dog and healthy board game addiction, and I’m inclined to try different things in the kitchen. I value unwinding with family and friends at the end of the day above just about anything.
What would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date?
Every year I get into this I feel more confident and capable of actually doing this for a living. Hopefully I haven’t peaked yet.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Most likely not far from where I am now, at least on a map. I imagine my family will be a bit bigger, and I’ll hopefully have a finely tuned family practice and a strong connection to the community as a result. We’ll see where life takes me though.
What three words best describe you?
Relaxed, friendly and helpful. At home and at work.