Program Expectations and Requirements


  • Two week on-site session at Western for each year enrolled in course work
  • Participation in online coursework for a minimum of nine terms and a maximum of 15 terms
  • A maximum of one course credit may be taken outside the program

Detailed outline of the program requirements

Students are required to participate in the two week on-site session for each year they are enrolled in course work, and they are permitted and encouraged to consider other on-site visits during the course of their thesis preparation. This will be based upon the need as perceived by both the student and faculty members. Upon completion of the course work the student will commence their Comprehensive Examination. Successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination will lead to the initiation of their Dissertation work.  Students progressing through the program are expected to complete the program with full time enrollment in 3 years (9 terms) or with part time enrollment in five years (15 terms).

Students academic records are maintained in the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office.  The grade submissions at the end of each course are submitted according to the deadlines required by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at Western University. It is necessary that students maintain an overall "B" average during the completion of their coursework and projects throughout the program. The Degree of PhD in Family Medicine is awarded to those that have successfully completed the on-site activities, the coursework, and research components of the program.