Postgraduate Program Report

Site Director Transition at Avon Family Medicine Centre and St. Joseph’s Family Medical and Dental Centre

The Family Medicine Postgraduate Program would like to welcome Dr. Anne Martin and Dr. Saadia Jan to their new roles as Site Directors at Avon Family Medicine Centre in Stratford and St Joseph’s Family Medical and Dental Centre in London, respectively. Site Directors at our Core Sites play large roles in directing and leading residency related activities. We want to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Laura Lyons and Dr. Stacey Snider who have stepped down from their roles held for a number of years. They have both helped lead our program through accreditation and have been champions and advocates of many residency curricular activities at their centres.


For residents continuing in the program past June 2020, it is extremely important that trainees follow up regarding any requirements affecting their registration status. Emails will be sent by PGME and Medical Affairs to residents with outstanding requirements along with due dates. If these deadlines are missed, residents will not be able to start or continue their clinical work.

Resources available to residents:

Please see the following links that include resources and supports for all Family Medicine residents: